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Project 62 represents the owners of Yugoslavian built Class 62 USA type 0-6-0 tank steam locomotive 30075 (formerly JZ 62-669 acquired from Store Steel in Slovenia in 1990) which, having been most recently operational since June 2004, is now out of service pending firebox repairs and full overhaul. The group is also involved in the current project to construct 30076 from 62-521, which was acquired from ArcelorMittal Zenica in Bosnia & Herzegovina in December 2006. Class 62 "Yankee Tank" steam locomotives are a pattern build of the World War II USATC S100 Class 0-6-0T Switcher/Shunters designed by Colonel Howard G Hill. Many of these locomotives saw service in the UK - including 14 on the Southern Railway plus a number in industrial service with Austin Motors/BMC at Longbridge, the NCB in the North East and on the Longmoor Military Railway. Four original US built and two Yugoslavian built locomotives are preserved in the UK.

***Notice to Members - Project 62 AGM to be held Saturday 14th May 2016***

Members please note that the 2016 AGM will be held on Saturday 14th May at 11am at Shillingstone Station. The AGM agenda and information pack will be emailed/mailed to members in due course.

Project 62 at Shillingstone

Both ‘Project 62’, representing owners of 0-6-0T locomotive 30075 and 30076, and the North Dorset Railway Trust are pleased to announce that agreement has been reached between the two parties to move the locomotives to the headquarters of the NDRT at the former Somerset & Dorset (S&D) line station at Shillingstone in Dorset. Transfer of both 30075 and 30076 occurred on Wednesday 20th January and both Groups are looking forward to working together in the future. To help Project 62 return 30075 and 30076 to service see our VOLUNTEER web page.

It is not known if USA type tank locomotives ever ran officially on the S&D. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that this design of locomotive was hauled over the line in the lead up to D–Day in WW2, and then after, for on-ward movement to mainland Europe. The secrecy surrounding all movements of troops and equipment at this time means that any such movements are believed to have gone undocumented.

50th Anniversary of Closure of the Somerset & Dorset Line - weekend 5th - 6th March 2016

Shillingstone was one of a number of sites along the old S&D which marked the 50th Anniversary of closure of the line which happened in March 1966. 30075 was placed at the platform in Shillingstone Station at the head of a two carriage train. This was the first time that a steam locomotive has been in Shillingstone Station for 50 years! 30076 had some cosmetic resoration too and was be presented in British Rail Black, with the later "totem" style BR logo on its side tanks. Shillingstone Station was very busy with hundreds of visitors over the weekend. As well as accessing the footplate of 30075 (which also had smoke and sound effects!), footplate crew were available to chat to. BBC South Today covered the event and 30075 had great prominence in their report shown in the evening of 6th March, which included an exclusive interview with Project 62's Tom Homewood.

30075 at the head of a two carriage train gains great attention from visitors 5th March (left and centre - photos by P Renaut) whilst a very smart 30076 sits in the Cattle Dock

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