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***AGM 30th May 2015 - short report and photos here***

About Project 62

Project 62 represents the owners of Yugoslavian built Class 62 USA type 0-6-0 tank steam locomotive 30075 (formerly JZ 62-669 acquired from Store Steel in Slovenia in 1990) which, having been most recently operational since June 2004, is now out of service pending firebox repairs and full overhaul. The group is also involved in the current project to construct 30076 from 62-521, which was acquired from ArcelorMittal Zenica in Bosnia & Herzegovina in December 2006. Class 62 "Yankee Tank" steam locomotives are a pattern build of the World War II USATC S100 Class 0-6-0T Switcher/Shunters designed by Colonel Howard G Hill. Many of these locomotives saw service in the UK - including 14 on the Southern Railway plus a number in industrial service with Austin Motors/BMC at Longbridge, the NCB in the North East and on the Longmoor Military Railway. Four original US built and two Yugoslavian built locomotives are preserved in the UK.

30075 on display at Ruddington on the GCR (Nottingham) awaiting firebox repairs

Following the failure of three old patches to the platework in the inner firebox, it was necessary to withdraw 30075 from service. The locomotive is now stored on the Great Central (Nottingham) where repairs will be undertaken under contract at Ruddington on the Great Central Railway (Nottingham).

Repairs to the firebox are anticipated will be complete later 2015. A 10 year overhaul of the boiler and running gear will then follow, with the aim of bringing 30075 back into service hopefully as soon as Easter 2016.

Whilst exact livery style for the relaunch into service has yet to be formally agreed, 30075 offers a potential pallet of possibilities. These range from War Department S100 options as seen on arrival of the class in the UK from 1942, through to Industrial configurations carried at Austin Motors/BMC and the NCB in the 1940's and 50's - as well as the Southern and British Rail types to the end of steam in 1967.

30075 prepared to depart Barrow Hill Roundhouse 30th November 2013 (first two photos by Keith Homewood). Over 2014, 30075 has been drawing much attention as a static exhibit outside the Ruddington Locomotive Works shed at the GCRN (second two photos by Richard White).

30076 - converting 62-521 to form the UK's 6th USA Class locomotive

Since 62-521 arrival in the UK in December 2006, various professional examinations have occurred in order to set a plan for overhaul and loading gauge conversion to create 30076. Initial estimates are that we now need to raise a further sum of around 50,000 to enable 30076 to become operational. The members of Project 62 raised the amount required to buy and transport 62-521, but we need your help to complete the project please! Contact us by emailing to purchase shares from just 50 each or to make a donation. Having paid for 62-521, the modest cost of the total project to create a new locomotive of UK Heritage style in USA Tank 30076, now means means that just one thousand people buying just one share each, or donating an average of 50 each, could see 30076 in service by the end of 2014.

62-521 is made ready for loading to depart Zenica December 2006. The photo to the right shows the locomotive outside the loco-shed at Ropley on the Mid-Hants Railway shortly after arrival

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